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The Business of Fashion в Instagram

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Sustainability has long been a topic of discussion in fashion. But also related industries, like jewellery, are facing issues when it comes to the adoption of ethical business practices. With a complex and opaque supply chain which often involves the shipment of gemstones in and out of numerous countries as they are mined, cut, processed and polished the 148 billion jewellery industry is notoriously difficult to regulate. As a result, the UN estimates that over 5 million women and children are employed illegally in mines. There are also severe ecological ramifications. Over 20,000 tonnes of mercury are estimated to be released illegally into the environment every year within the global artisanal and small-scale mining eco-system. To raise awareness of these issues and stimulate a dialogue on sustainability within the jewellery industry, BoF hosted a panel discussion, in partnership with Chopard, on how the industry can adopt the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. Introduced by Livia Firth, the panel discussion was moderated by BoF's Imran Amed. He was joined by experts Lene Wendland, the advisor on business and human rights in the office of the United Nations high commissioner for human rights; Pamela Gillies, president and vice chancellor of the Glasgow Caledonian University; Cherie Blair, a leading human rights lawyer and campaigner for gender equality; Phillipe Fornier, general secretary of the Swiss Better Gold Association and Nöella Coursaris, the founder and chief executive of Malaika, a foundation focused on educating and empowering girls in the Congo. Also high-profile guests like Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Arizona Muse and Chinese singer and actor Roy Wang were in attendance. Watch the full panel discussion now on businessoffashion.com [Link in bio] #jewellery #chopard #sustainability #baselworld

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