Коко Роша в Instagram

Коко Роша в Instagram

Owner/Director @NomadMGMT - Founder/Mentor @CocoRochaModelCamp. Mama to @IoniConran & @IverConran. Tiktok #cocorochatiktok. Text me! (917)-540-6135

I mean, can the models walking the Couture shows next week pull up a chair and take notes!? We need to see this level of skill on the runway everytime, ladies. Bring your A-Game to Paris or don t come at all because this little girl is not messing around, she s opening and closing everything and she will steal all y all bookings in a heartbeat! As a side note, someone tell this girl she needs to come teach the runway classes at @cocorochamodelcamp! #runwayqueen #tinyfashionista #slayallday

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