Кристи Тарлингтон в Instagram

Кристи Тарлингтон в Instagram

Founding Mother @everymomcounts; dir "No Woman, No Cry"; global maternal health advocate, mom, traveler, model. https://bit.ly/2AxAkD5

Sweet Fitzgerald left us very early this a.m. to join our other beloved pup Mickey. We got Fitzy to be a companion for Mickey when I was pregnant with my second child. We were worried about him losing some of the attention to the kids. Fitzy and his sister Daisy, who belongs to my sister Erin s family, arrived in the middle of the summer in 2005. We had moved into a new home and everything was in dissaray, as is often the case when a family is about to grow. I had a much tougher first trimester with my son and was just so tired trying to get our daughter to sleep in her bed and just go to sleep generally. This was the long days/short years period of our lives. The first ones anyway. This dog won our hearts pretty quickly though. He was so gentle and patient. We nearly lost him when he chased after a deer across a highway and was hit by a car but he came back strong and after that we called him our miracle pup. And that s who he remained until about 2:00 a.m. today. He wasn t feeling great after Christmas and before we left for my birthday trip to Argentina. He had a tumor on his neck that suddenly quadrupled in size. We thought he might not be around when we got home but he waited for us, the little gentleman that he always was. He underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor on Wednesday and they removed more cancer once they opened him up. He was already pretty weak but the surgery took it out of him and his bloodcount continued to plummet. I spent the afternoon with him yesterday and came home thinking we d give him the weekend to see if he could rally but by 10:30 last night, it was clear that his condition had worsened and he was having trouble breathing. We drove up to see him with the kids so they could say goodbye and then we let him go. He was peaceful and comfortable in the end. I miss him so much.

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