Dolce & Gabbana в Instagram

Dolce & Gabbana в Instagram

Amore for Scientific Research. Discover the project

#DGFattoInCasa: Crochet session with Gayane. The customization of a bag with crochet work. @gh.gayane begins with the first knot, then the chain and the first circle. The very important thing in this creation is to keep it soft and not to pull the thread. A macrame braid will instead be made to cover the handle of the bag. Dolce&Gabbana unveils the new #DGFattoInCasa - Made at Home - to explore the shared experience of lockdown that has united us all. In a time when our values have slowed, shifted and deepened #DGFattoInCasa reveals the power of craft and creativity to articulate love, closeness and care - all rooted in the homemade artisan DNA of Made in Italy. As well as sharing the connecting force of handmade craft in the Italian tradition, #DGFattoInCasa fund raising project supports @fondazionehumanitasricerca and it s an extension of Dolce&Gabbana s ongoing Amore For Scientific Research project with @humanitas.university. #DGFattoInCasa is presented in partnership with For Funding by @intesasanpaolo Bank. Take your part and support the fund raising at link in bio. #DolceGabbana

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