Garance Doré в Instagram

Garance Doré в Instagram

I'm French, live in LA & NY, I draw, I write, I'm the founder of atelierdore.com & NY Times Best Selling author of #LoveStyleLife | @atelierdore

I love soft, comfortable, cosy, warm, light, easy, non noisy (?)( )(yup!) clothes. Like, more and more and more. The other day I was wearing boots with heels and walking around I could hear the clop, clop of the heels on the floor. It drove me crazy! I want to walk silently and easily and bouncily like a cat. . Is it just me? Is it a trend? Are the sneakers getting us all? Is it athleisureception? What s going on in the world? What s going on in the world of first world problems? #nobutreally

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