Karla Otto в Instagram

Karla Otto в Instagram

The leading international luxury communications agency offices in Milan, Paris, London, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Beijing & Shanghai.

Disfigured: Luca Guadagnino photographed by @NicoVascellari for his interview in the new @CRMensBook. I saw SUSPIRIA in 1984, I think, alone in my house in Palermo. It was the kind of experience that forged me. The impact of the movie was, for me, so radical in its novelty because I had never seen something like that at the time. I was 13 or 14. I was also novel to the possibility that could juxtapose such extreme violence with extreme formalities I d been assaulted by the music, so it created in me an incredible impact, and its long-standing effects on me are still here. @SuspiriaMovie launches on November 2 in the US and worldwide thereafter. @CrFashionbook #LucaGuadagnino #Suspiria #Cinema #KOArt #KOCulture #KarlaOtto

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